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CSBU School of Business offers Master’s Degree program in Business Administration. This educational program gives the leaders of tomorrow a competitive advantage with leadership and management skills, technical understanding and global perspectives that are needed to succeed in today’s global, diverse, and dynamic business environment. 

The MBA program focuses on developing an individual’s interdisciplinary problem solving skills, interpersonal and communication skills, ability to adapt to changing information technology and business environments, spirit of entrepreneurial innovation, as well as ethical and professional values. Successful completion requires not only an understanding of the important functional skills in accounting, financial management, marketing, business law, economics, and business and project management, but also an understanding of modern information systems, Internet technology pertinent to e-commerce and e-business applications. A distinctive feature of CSBU’s MBA program is its incorporation of the principles of sustainability, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility in each and every course as appropriate.

Problem Solving: Each student will be able to systematically diagnose problems and/or opportunities, as it applies to dynamic business settings, and develop alternative courses of actions to resolve the problems.

Strategic Thinking: Each student will develop an understanding of strategic management and decision making. Students will be able to develop, implement, assess, and refine a strategic plan in a business setting.

Organizational Change: Each student will be able to systematically diagnose an organization’s environment and operations to identify needed changes and to develop plans to successfully implement those changes in ways that achieve the organization’s goal(s).

International/Global: Each student will have an understanding of global influences on business decisions/plans and/or develop plans for managing a business in a global environment.

Teamwork: Ability to collaboratively work in cross-functional teams is highly valued by today’s global business operations. At CSBU students hone their collaborative skills by working on group projects in each of the program courses. Each student’s leadership skills are developed. Students will thus be able to contribute to the success of his/her Team Project by occupying a leadership role and/or by contributing as a team member, as well as consensus development.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)