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 On behalf of the faculty and staff, it’s my pleasure to welcome you to California South Bay University.

California South Bay University is an educational institute that will make a greater impact on your life. It provides you with a greater scope of vision which leads to a greater future.

                Situated in Sunnyvale, at the center of California’s world renowned “Silicon Valley”, CSBU’s educational goal is to capture the dynamics of Silicon Valley’s cutting-edge industrial development, so that students would be well equipped to meet the needs of the 21st century workforce. CSBU is committed to offer its students the courses that best match current industrial needs with the most effective learning resources.

                Our commitment to excellent student experience is presented through all aspects of academic advising, career planning, campus life as well as student services. We stimulate students potentials in academic, in professional areas and in their daily life. We cultivate students’ leadership and entrepreneurship characters. We guide students to become not only highly-skilled professionals, but also committed life-long learners. We encourage students to believe in their own talent and ability to succeed. We cheer for each achievement that students made no matter small or big.

                I would like to invite you to invest in your academic future and professional success by exploring the education opportunities at CSBU. I am confident that you will have a fantastic learning experience when you join our diverse community. Each and every one of us, here at CSBU, is dedicated to your success!

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Ling Li

President / CEO

California South Bay University