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Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS)

The MSCS degree program is designed to provide advanced knowledge and hands-on experiences in computer science to students who are interested in gaining expertise in software engineering as well as modern Internet technologies and applications.
Through the learning process, the students not only acquire knowledge in modern computer technologies but also cultivate abilities in software design, development, deployment, and integration aspects of professional learning. They are encouraged to apply their knowledge and skills to course projects that match industry trends.

Students admitted in to the MSCS degree program are required to have the following background preparation. Students must clear all deficiencies before attempting to enroll in graduate level courses.

  • CS414 Program Design and Analysis in C
  • CS460A Data Structure
  • CS 470A Object-Oriented Programming in C++

    A student with deficiency in any required background subject must clear it by either:

    1) taking courses for credits at CSBU and earning a grade of at least C or higher, or

    2) taking and passing a proficiency test.

MSCS Curriculum
A minimum of 36 units of graduate study are required for the MSCS program. A maximum of four (4) 400 level courses (taken as elective courses) are allowed to count towards graduation units. The student must meet prerequisite requirements when taking any of the following courses.

  • Required Courses (12.0 Units)

The required courses emphasize understanding of (1) the principles and architecture of computer networks and (2) the design of modern operating systems. A student must take the following courses to complete the mandatory graduate course requirement. These two courses cannot be used to meet concentration area coursework requirements.
CS500                Network Engineering and Management
CS511               Computer Architecture
CS540                Java Programming & Internet Applications
CS546                Operating System Design

  • Core Courses (12.0 Units)

In addition to the required graduate courses, a student must complete 12 units four courses of core courses.
CS542                Software Engineering
CS543                Advanced Computer Networks
CS572                Advanced Java Programming
CS560                .NET Programming

  • Electives (12.0 Units)

Students may select graduate-level courses 4XXA or 500-level, and higher courses in any discipline as electives to meet the elective requirements. Prerequisite requirements must be met when taking any course.

MSCS TOTAL REQUIREMENTS            (36 Units)