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CSBU Mission and Objectives

        Statement of Mission
California South Bay University is a learning community that seeks to serve society by educating the leaders of tomorrow and extending the frontiers of knowledge.

The mission of California South Bay University is to provide a synthesis of innovative and traditional education leading to outstanding professional opportunities for adult learners. California South Bay University aims to bring qualified faculty, who have had active careers in high-tech industries and businesses, to interact with highly motivated students in a stimulating learning environment. California South Bay University adapts its curricula to meet the needs of fast changing global business climate that is coupled to an even faster changing technological landscape. Presently, California South Bay University focuses on graduate degree programs at the master level in Computer Science (MSCS), Business Administration (MBA).

Our educational goal is to give students a solid background in general studies as well as specialized knowledge in their chosen field. Although we realize the necessity of building a solid academic foundation grounded in coursed that provide a great deal of basic information, we believe that our primary task is to teach students not only concepts, but the process of discovery, analysis, and application of these concepts.

At California South Bay University, education encompasses continuous striving for excellence with the contexts to learning so that knowledge is gained not only for its own sake, but for the sake of modern society which the people for California South Bay University are a part of.

  • Programs and courses at CSBU are designed to support both full-time and part-time students.
  • Courses are created and updated continuously so as to include the latest technological innovations and advances in the Silicon Valley.
  • Courses are designed to be competency-based, and are taught using innovative instructional methods.
  • Proficiency in public speaking and technical writing is an integral part of degree requirements.
  • The curricula emphasize technologies and studies pertaining to environmental protection and sustainability.
  • A strong practical application component is integrated into the curriculum and often into each class.
  • Special attention is given to practical engineering research/development problems.
  • MBA curriculum includes a strong component of business ethics and social responsibilities.
  • An Advisory Board consisting of leaders in industry from Silicon Valley. They are closely involved in shaping the nature and content of the programs offered by CSBU.



California South Bay University(CSBU) provides a unique educational culture and learning environment for students because CSBU has recruited a strong pool of talented professionals from Silicon Valley to teach courses, mentor students, conduct research, and provide students services.