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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The broad objective of the program is to provide students with the foundations in content and competencies that will support student’s career development in the business field.

Specifically, CSBU MBA program is designed to provide students the opportunity:

  • to understand the business as an integrated system, by providing a knowledge base of both interdisciplinary business theories and application techniques;
  • to be trained and to be developed practical management skills in a chosen area of concentration for career development;
  • to develop problem solving skills including the ability to analyze complex situations, utilize facts and evidence in drawing conclusions, apply quantitative decision theories, and adapt innovative solutions  to the challenges of the diverse, multicultural, and global business community.

MBA Background Preparation
Students admitted to the MBA degree program are required to have relevant business background preparation for taking the graduate level coursework. The student must clear all deficiencies before being allowed to take the degree required courses. A student with deficiency in any required background subject must clear it by either:

  • taking courses for credits at CSBU and earning a grade of at least C- or higher or
  • taking and passing the appropriate preparatory courses of study.

The following are the required background subjects (or their equivalents):
PBUS 01    Essentials of Management and Business Law
PBUS 02    Essentials of Economics and Marketing
PBUS 03    Essentials of Accounting and Finance
PBUS 04    Essentials of Quantitative Analysis and Information Technologies

MBA Curriculum
The MBA program requires a minimum of 36 semester units of graduate study.  A maximum of four 4XXA level courses are allowed to count towards graduation units.  Before the student takes any one of the courses below he/she must meet the prerequisite requirements.

1) Required Courses   (12.0 units)
The required courses provide a base for interdisciplinary business theories and techniques and decision-making methodology. A student must take the following courses to complete the mandatory graduate course requirement:

MGT511      Human Resources Management
BUS520       Quantitative Methods for Business       
MGT516      Production and Operations Management  
FIN520 Financial Management

2) Area of Concentration   (12.0 units)
Apart from required graduate courses in section 1, students must additionally select an area of concentration and complete at least 12 units (4 courses) in the chosen concentration area.  This is to ensure the student is competent in the selected area.  The courses taken to fulfill the concentration requirement must not overlap the courses taken for the above Foundation Courses requirement. 

Area A. Project Management
Required courses:
MGT520      Project and Risk Management
MGT540      Managing for Quality Improvement
MGT552      Technology Product Management and Marketing
MGT554      Global Outsourcing Project Management

Area B. Global Business and Marketing
MKT460A   Marketing Management
MKT551      Strategic Marketing
MKT552      International Marketing
MKT555      International Trade & Operations

3) Electives   (12.0 Units)
Students may select graduate-level courses 4XXA or 500-level, and higher courses in any discipline as electives to meet the elective requirements. Prerequisite requirements must be met when taking any course.

Graduation Requirements
A minimum of 36 units is required, 12 courses from each of the following categories:

  • Required Courses
  • Concentration Courses
  • Elective Courses

A grade of “B-“ or better must be earned in all basic courses and area of concentration, and a grade of “C-“ or better must be earned for all elective courses. GPA 3.0 or better is required, and students must be in good standing - clear financial, library and other school records - with the university. After fulfilling the requirements stated above, the student may file a petition for graduation and if approved, may graduate.

Concentration of Study and Career Planning
CSBU MBA program provides an opportunity for student to choose between two areas of concentration including

  • Project Management
  • Global Business and Marketing

MBA TOTAL REQUIREMENTS            (36 Units)